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Citizen Advocacy

Enabling Ordinary lives

Mission Statement:

To establish and support voluntary, one to one relationships, between a person with a learning disability (Advocacy Partner) and an ordinary citizen (Citizen Advocate) in their community –  someone who will help to speak up and empower their advocacy partner to lead a full and active life that reflects their personal choices.


We believe that everyone has a right to:-

  • Dignity
  • Respect
  • Freedom
  • Equality and Fairness
  • Social Inclusion

Citizen Advocates stand alongside someone who’s at risk of being ignored and empower them to speak out, be heard and take control of their lives.


About Citizen Advocacy

Citizen Advocacy is where an ordinary person (a citizen) volunteers and becomes a long term advocate for a person with a learning disability (Advocacy Partner) in their community.

Citizen Advocates are suitably matched with a partner, so that they can become a regular part of their life.  The partnership is built on trust, loyalty and friendship as well as confidentiality.  This way the Citizen Advocate can speak up more effectively for their partner, empowering them to lead ordinary lives that reflect their personal choice.

Citizen advocacy may benefit individuals with a learning disability who may be socially isolated and who are experiencing difficulties in their lives and would like someone to speak up for them.