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What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is about speaking up for people who are not being heard and helping them express their views and have a stronger voice.


It is about:

  • Speaking up for someone
  • Taking their side to get their voice heard
  • Empowering them to be involved in decisions about their life
  • Enabling them to express their needs and their own opinions
  • Safeguarding people who are vulnerable, those who may be discriminated against or those whom services find difficult to serve.


Independent Advocacy workers can assist people to gain access to information and explore their options, but they do not give advice or make recommendations.  They support people to make informed decisions and ensure their views and wishes are heard.


Advocacy is about ensuring everyone has the right to :-

  • Be listened to and respected.
  • Be involved in decisions which affect their lives.
  • Be part of their community.
  • Access information relevant to them.
  • Explore their options.
  • Get their views and wishes heard by professionals.


Advocacy is not about giving advise or telling someone what to do.

Advocacy cannot guarantee any outcome, but can help ensure your views are heard when important decisions are being made about your life.