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Welcome to Advocacy Highland

Advocacy Highland is an independent voluntary organisation which provides free and confidential independent advocacy in the Highland region for individuals over 16 years old, who need to be supported to speak up about specific issues.

This, whilst not exclusive, will focus on key priority groups including those with mental ill health, learning disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and those groups who are frail and elderly, with due recognition of diverse and marginalised groups.

Visit our What is advocacy? page for more info.


Advocacy Highland need volunteers to help people make decisions which affect their life and to be listened to and respected for who they are, sticking with them through thick and thin.


Here you will find a list of our publications, including booklets, reports and leaflets, as well as our newsletters.

Citizen Advocacy

Citizen Advocacy in Inverness is where an ordinary person volunteers and becomes a long term advocate for a person with a learning disability in their community. Click for more info.